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We offer alternative money lending solutions to people with bad credit who are refused by the banking system or who require more flexibility and speed.

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Is your situation critical or about to become so? We can help you !

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Eligibility criteria

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a canadian citizen
  • Have held a stable job for at least 3 months
  • Earn a constant take-home pay of at least $ 1,200 per month
  • Must be discharged from bankruptcy / Must have not declared bankruptcy

Get a quick loan with IBV

Please note, all loans are payable bi-weekly. Fees of $250 will be added to your loan for service charges, administration and Lenders fees. A surcharge of $20 weekly will be added for weekly credit checks for the duration of your loan.

Determination of on-line application will be studied to ensure your ability to reimburse your loan.
Credit check will be analysed according to:

  • Verification of Banking Statement.
  • Ensure there were not multiple NSF ( non- sufficient fund).
  • Verification of Revenue and Expenses do not exceed our criteria.

Upon analysing your loan application, if you meet our Criteria, your loan will be accepted.

Loan application

Everyone may need to borrow a quick loan of $500, $1000, $2000 and even $5000. Our natural instincts is to contact a bank. Contacting a bank is very complicated even for a small loan of 500 dollars.

Why so complicated? most banks have a very strick criteria when it come to lending money to individuals that do not meet their criteria. Banks need justification in lending money to all individuals. Questionnaire need to be filled along a mountain of other documents that may not even pertain to your loan application. All that to have a refusal to your loan application. These are criteria’s for all banks. loan applications are often refused by banks due to, not honoring payment schedule, and if in a fragile state and can not honor your payment schedule, bank will not tolerate any delays or excuses for not paying on time. There are no pre arrangements with BANKS.

Azur Loan offer a simple solution that will be more advantage to people with a less then better credit and and a mountain of questions to answer.

Make an Application on Line and see how simple it is to get a quick up to 5000.00 dollars.

Azur loan will not discriminate toward individual with less then perfect credit rating. We will work with you to make life a little simpler with a quick loan.

Why Borrow Money from a Private lender in Canada?

Lending money works the same principle between banks and private lenders. The difference between banks and private lenders. Private lenders can finance the amount of money they desire to lend, with no limitation. A credit check is in order, but the private lender as the final decision of how much and to who he will lend to.

With a small loan of 1000 dollars, you can complete renovations, decorations or get that appliance you been wanting. It can also allow you to be able to go out and go get that job you been wanting. It allows you to have that extra money that is so much needed at times.
Quick loans are easy and effective way to pay of standing bills.

Private lending quick loans are a quick and easy with lesser justification.

Is it easy to get a quick loan with bad credit

Quick loans lenders criteria are very different from banks criteria.
Personal loans for individuals with bad credit, we prepose a simple and quick way to get your money quickly.
One must fill in the questionnaire on line, all field must be filled in. Once the questionnaire is completed, a group of professionals will treat your application and study your financial situation, in which we will determine the ability to reimburse the loan.

Upon studying your financial statement, we will determine the amount that you can borrow, but more importantly, the payment you are capable of reimbursing.

Our goal is to grant you a loan that is easily reimbursed and not grant you one that will be difficult to repay, and placed in a situation you can not make you payments.

What are the advantages of dealing with a private lender ?

First, not a high Criteria for approval of a loan, unlike banks with a very high criteria, that alone its very advantageous to get a quick loan with us ARUR LOAN.

Recovery and Credit Rating

Azur loans is in conform with the norms of Canadian Laws. In the event the situation arises with non- payment, the lender will take it upon themselves to make arrangement with the Borrower.

Azur loan can and will demand full payment for all outstanding balance. Interest and capital will be claimed. All post-dated checks and pre authorized payments will be returned. Any legal action will be at the borrowers expense.

If no understanding can be reached between Azur Loan and the Borrower, Azur Loan will forward the file to a Collection Agency. Credit rating  can  be affected.


  • $ 500 over 6 months = payments of $ 46.54

  • $ 1000 over 6 months = payments of $ 75.29

  • $ 2000 over 6 months = payments of $ 119.52

  • $ 5000 over 6 months = payments of $ 252.20

It would take me $ 1,200 to pay my rent and my electricity bill. I was expecting money to come in, but I haven't received it yet. Thanks for transferring the money quickly. Thank you.
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I have accumulated debt over the past few years due to a number of bad luck. I requested a $ 5,000 no credit check money loan to help me. You are an honest company with very fast service. Thank you very much.
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Hello. I wanted to make my children happy because it wasn't easy for them. Thank you for giving me a $ 700 micro loan, quick service Thank you.
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